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Nov/Dec 2016 issue. (Courtesy  This Magazine )

Nov/Dec 2016 issue. (Courtesy This Magazine)

IT'S A JOURNALIST'S JOB to hold the government to account. But increasingly others are taking up that role, too. Last year, management consultant Dom Bernard was one such person. As the brainchild of, a promise-tracking website that holds Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his word, Bernard has created a novel government watchdog tool that's unlike anything else found here in Canada.

The Montrealer was travelling through Egypt in 2012 when he first thought to launch TrudeauMetre. He had come across the Morsi Meter, a website created to hold Egypt's first democratically elected and now-deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, to account. Realizing there was no Canadian equivalent, Bernard decided he would set up a similar site for the next federal election—regardless of who came to power. "I felt we were missing a great opportunity to come back to the roots of what living in a democratic society means," he explains on his website. 

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