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May/Jun 2016 issue. (Courtesy @adbusters Instagram)

May/Jun 2016 issue. (Courtesy @adbusters Instagram)

Raging civil wars in both Iraq and Syria, among other places in the Middle East, are prompting some Americans to view neoconservative ideology with a renewed rigor. The rise of the Islamic State and the recent terror attacks claimed or inspired by the group -- like the Paris attacks in November and San Bernardino in December -- have since amplified calls for greater U.S. force in the region.

Behind this neoconservative revival are some familiar faces. The Project for a New American Century, a now-defunct think tank whose core members signed an open letter in 1998 calling for the American-led war in Iraq, has reemerged under a new title. In 2009, PNAC's former chairman William Kristol and founder Robert Kagan set up a new organization called the Foreign Policy Initiative. 

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